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Trekking through the most beautiful mountains in Hungary

Upon request we organise half a day and day long trekking tours to the most beautiful parts of the Bükk National Park. Just a few of the endless possibilities;

Through sub-alpine meadows (picture gallery)


Probably one of the most beautiful places in the Bükk mountains are the sub-alpine meadows. They are not only beautiful places but also provide a glimpse into the biodiversity of the area. Trees, flowers, mountain herbs, larger games, birds and many others.

Beautiful views from the "rocks" (picture gallery)


Nature photography


We also organise trekking tours according to your requirements, capabilities, wishes and time available. The highest point of the Bükk mountain is about 1000 metres above sea level. Trekking is usually fairly easy. However, keep in mind that it does not matter how high the mountain is but rather how much you have to go uphill. Also from time to time there are very steep hill-sides and trails with obstackles, rocks and collapsed trees. There is no need for heavy mountaineering equipment but good, comfortable trekking shoes and suitable cloathes are useful.

The group size is 1 - 10 person.

Prices:(regardless of group size)

1 day tour: 35,- euro/person

1/2 day tour: 20,- euro/person

Experience traditional Hungarian food

Do you want to experience Hungarian food and cooking exactly like locals? You can learn how to cook the most famous Hungarian dishes such as stew, chicken paprika, goulash soup, stuffed cabbage and many more. Visit us and learn to cook authentic Hungarian food the right way. Open air cooking in a "witch" pan and/or on a wood stove. Dishes are served with Hungarian wine (well, also in between to facilitate the learning process ... ) and the famous "pálinka".

The group size is 1 - 6 person.


Hungarian cooking experience: 30,- euro / person


In the Bükk mountains there are great opportunities for mountainbiking. Well, in the mountains before you can go downhill you have to pedal uphill. I guess nothing unexpected. We organise 1/2 day and full day mountainbiking tours visiting the best sites in the mountains.

The group size is 1 - 6 person.


1 day tour: 110,- euro

1/2 day tour: 70,- euro

Treasure of opportunities in the Bükk region






Bicycle and trekking tours. The Bükk mountain The average height of the Bükk mountain is the highest in Hungary with 900 meters peaks with great views from the "stones" guarding the unique Bükk Platteau. We organise, upon request, tailor made trekking tours to the most beautiful sites of the Bükk National Park.


Caveman lived the caves  of Lillafüred and Répáshuta. Heavy industrial sites from the middle ages, old castles and historic sites around the mountain in Eger and Diósgyőr.  Writers and artists were inspired by these sites and the beauty of the Bükk Mountain


The Bükk regions offers many possibilities for those who love wellness and natural spa's. The famous Cave bath in Miskolc-Tapolca, the therapeutical water of  Egerszalók and the Turkish bath of Eger are all easily accessible from Répáshuta.

Képek >


Please ask us about local and regional program information.


We organise, upon request, trekking tours to our guests to the most beautiful sites of the Bükk National Park.


Food & wine




There are two large and famous wine regions are situated within 60 kilometers from Répáshut - Tokaj and Eger. Eger, is the home of excellent red wines and Tokaj is where you can find our world famous Tokaj wine. Looking for wine tasting or a romantic dinner in a good restaurant? Plenty of possibilities!


Unfortunately winters lately do not offer much for winter sport fans in this region. But when snow arrives there are skiing facilities nearby, including Bánkút, the largest ski resort in Hungary.

Fishing sites are also nearby. Tennis courts (and partners) nearby.  Horse riding is available also in our village.




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